Why Choose CareerVendors

Corporate Clients

The termination of employees requires that best practices are followed each and every time.  Providing outplacement counselling services to these employees shows that you care and consistently helps the employee move forward more quickly.  You can be assured that, when you select CareerVendors, we will provide the type of outstanding career transitioning service that your former employees will appreciate.

Our experience, know how and attention to detail are second to none and most importantly, we care about the well being of every client we counsel. Our service is top notch. When you choose us, you can rest easy knowing everything will be handled in the most professional manner!  

Individual Clients

When your career is at stake, you want to be certain that you are aligning yourself with the best career transition specialists possible. At CareerVendors, our credentials speak for themselves. We care about you and are focused on helping you achieve your goals. We believe in you and through dialogue, our relevant expertise gets transferred and becomes ingrained and added into your skill sets.

Sometimes an unexpected termination of employment can leave a person feeling vulnerable and have them questioning their self-worth.  Working with CareerVendors is a positive, energizing experience that will restore and actually increase your self-confidence to put you at the top of your game!  We have a client success rate that just can’t be beat.

As far as costs are concerned, our fees are very reasonable and may be tax deductible.  We’re with you for the long haul.  Investing in yourself may be the best investment you ever make!

For additional reasons to select CareerVendors, please read the following to see what our clients say about us!

• You really prepared me for the toughest interview questions!  (PhD Biologist)
• Your suggestions helped my resume stand out from the crowd. (Financial Manager)
• Kudos to you!  You put me on the right track to land the job I wanted. (Branch Manager)
• I can’t thank you enough.  Your insights were worth their weight in gold!  (Plant Manager)
• Thanks for getting my career off on the right foot! (Recent University Grad)
• My new job pays me more than I ever expected.  Many thanks to you!  (National Account Manager)