The termination of employees requires that best practices are followed each and every time. In the area of providing outplacement counselling services you, the employer, can be assured that will be the case.

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CareerVendors Services

Corporate Clients

Whether the change in your organization results in the termination of one or several employees at a single location or a large group across the country, CareerVendors will be there to address employee reactions, provide each individual with professional career transition services that help them to assess their strengths and interests, be supportive during this difficult period and counsel them toward their next steps so that they land in a new career as quickly and successfully as possible (See our step approach below).

Occasionally, an organization may go through a downsizing event whereby a number of employees are let go simultaneously. We offer a workshop approach to guide these employees through our process and thereby reduce the total costs. However, even when this approach is used, each employee receives specific individualized counselling and assistance throughout the process.

The Managing Director and Associates of CareerVendors have extensive and diverse business backgrounds and career transition experience. Our programs are designed to meet the specific circumstances of each participant and support a variety of career and lifestyle choices. All programs include one-on-one counselling with one of our principals. We are privileged to have Alliances with other Career Transition Firms across Canada who practice in a similar fashion so that we are a one stop firm should you need support outside Southwestern Ontario.

Individual Clients

CareerVendors typically works with an individual on a one-on-one basis. Each client receives materials that we’ve developed to help guide them through our process. While there is a definite structure that forms the framework of our counselling, the true value comes from the personal dialogue that occurs between the client and their counsellor and the flexibility built into the process.

Listed below are some of the steps involved in the process but they truly are just the tip of the iceberg. YOU, the client, are an individual with specific needs and you will be treated as such.  We tailor our counselling to fit your objectives and circumstances.

Here’s a brief summary of some of the key aspects of our program.

We will:
a)    review and assess your current employment situation and aspirations
b)    help identify and quantify your strengths and accomplishments
c)    appraise your transferable skills
d)    evaluate your resume and help you modify it for your specific target
e)    show you how to successfully access the job market
 f)    assist you in developing a marketing and sales plan
g)    help you create effective covering letters
h)    prepare you for tough job interviews
 i)    evaluate job offers with you and give you pointers on negotiations
 j)    coach, support and communicate with you throughout the process and beyond

When clients complete this program they are far ahead of their competition.  Clients who go through our program have proven to be the most successful in landing the job they really want and which ‘fits’, often with a better compensation package, and they find it faster!