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Welcome to CareerVendors

In today's turbulent times, the only constant continues to be change. An overused adage perhaps, but when it comes to your career, it means a lot.

Changing economic realities, changing industry needs, rapidly changing technologies and changing demographic playing fields all dictate a brand new ball game when you're planning or forced to make a job or career change. To succeed in this daunting environment, the smart players, both employers and individuals, utilize the proven expertise of CareerVendors.

As an employer dealing with a restructuring, downsizing, a complete shutdown, poor performance or personality conflicts, you are making difficult decisions that can be traumatic on your employees both from a self-worth perspective and a financial one.  Looking for work could be something your employees haven't done for a long time and they may not be sure where to start, so providing support, post termination, is a good decision.

As an individual, you may seek a new employment opportunity for many reasons. You may be disenchanted and frustrated with your current position and want to change employers. You may want to change industries altogether.  You may want to be self-employed.  If self-employed, you may want to work for an organization rather than yourself.

If you are a recent graduate, you are confronted with a highly competitive environment and having minimal experience, you have great difficulty breaking into the marketplace.

In all of these situations, CareerVendors provides hands-on guidance to dramatically improve the likelihood of success.

About our name - CareerVendors

Although the Career part of our name may be obvious, the Vendors part warrants some further explanation. A vendor is a salesperson and if you are looking for a new employment opportunity, then you are a salesperson. The product you are selling is YOU, it's that simple yet many people fail to make the connection. The attributes of YOU are your technical skills, your communication skills, your problem solving skills, your energy level, your ability to work well with others and many more. Of course, there are lots of other salespeople out in the marketplace who are also selling themselves and you are in direct competition with them.

In keeping with our CareerVendors CV theme, one of the tools you will use to help sell yourself is your CV (Curriculum Vitae) or resume or marketing brochure. We will help you create value in your marketing materials, including a CV that sets you, the vendor, apart from your competitors and puts you in the best possible light.

Likewise, our motto - Contributing Value

There are numerous steps involved in taking YOU to market and we will provide relevant coaching and expertise with each and every step. Our solid background positions us as best in class to contribute the kind of value that can't be found in textbooks, the Internet or elsewhere so say our graduates.

So, if you're willing to invest in yourself and you want strategic career transition coaches to help you succeed, then CareerVendors is your career transition partner of choice!